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Program objective: Awaken and develop creative, innovation and intuition ability through the practice of artistic expressions.  Analytical and imaginative thinking with hands on painting, collage, sculpture and music activities are experienced focusing on business approach.


What you can expect: Under this program you will enhance the creation of new ideas, practicing the right side of the brain, which means intuition, senses, feelings, and mostly imagination. Through active participation in dynamic workshops, you will develop a new way of thinking that translate into new possibilities into higher performance for yourself and for your organization.


Who is right for the program: This Think Out of the Box Program is intended for global company professionals of the following areas:

  • Accounting

  • Branding

  • Change Management

  • Engineering

  • Finance

  • Leadership

  • Marketing

  • Organizational

  • Strategic Planning

  • Teamwork


More information about Innovation workshop, please send us your request to Contact.

Executive Training 

Innovation - Think Out of the Box

Ex-trainees Testimonies


“I learned that there are many ways to do things and that each person has a different point of view regarding a subject.  I realize that most of the time people think creativity and innovation are something different from the work place, like a special activity not like a culture or way of living.  I also learned that we all have an artistic side, which a lot of times needs to be motivated in a good environment, as well included in the company’s mission so that everyone is involved.” Juan Felipe Garza, Whirlpool


“In my personal experience, the workshop let me rediscover the way I do my work, and that I can add value, which at the end of the day is what companies like Whirlpool, and many others, are willing that their people “think out of the box.” Zinia Padilla, Whirlpool


“The workshop helped my team to be more creative, this art workshop opens the mind and breaks barriers that some times we have helping us to be more innovative.” Arturo Villarreal, PLAYERS of Life


“After this experience, we are encouraged to express our ideas and to allow other coworkers to express their ideas also.” Felipe Alejandro García


“During this workshop I mainly discovered two aspects about creativity: first, my capacity to imagine and second that I am the one how does not allow myself to create.  This workshop let me know that being creative depends on me and that I do not need a enormous project to be creative, I can be creative in my daily life with normal things.” Adriana Castillo


“The workshop was valuable and fun at the same time.  We learned a practical way to innovate and the importance of creativity at work, so that we can have a great future.  My approach is to think again if there are other ways to do things, to make decisions, to manufacture products and to improve internal process.  The concept is widely applicable, and you should always find better solutions with creative thinking, and not only us, all the people who are around us.” Alejandro Flores


“These kinds of tools are very effective in teaching us how to allow ourselves to do something that has nothing to do with our professional abilities and in fact enjoy it, opening our minds to a new way to approaching problems to solve them in a really different way with different outcomes.” Erika Román


“I had a good development and am sure that if this program  is implemented with teamwork in any company, the results will be great.  Creativity is in our world, and its very important that this change is made by companies and executives to develop new ideas. “It is important at my position to generate ideas to sell.  Today it is not enough to manage the supply chain and have products at the points of sale, we have to manage with creative ideas to generate demand of our products through promotions, push and pull programs and price strategies that can let us gain the market share and margins that the company needs to be successful business.” Cuauhtemoc García


“The key learnings at this creativity-art workshop are to discover that creativity comes from trying new ways of doing things.  In my experience, I am very satisfied with the work done and the knowledge acquired, these are new ways to foster creativity at any place.” Eduardo Martínez


“The most important learning I am taking from this workshop is how far I am from my creative abilities to develop my artistic side.  Work routine does not request that we develop these activities but it is very important to have a balance and continue practicing art.  My square engineering vision is taking place at my decision making.  On the other hand, colors, textures and art in general can help us as therapy to let us know how we feel at work or in any other aspect of our lives helping us realize ways to improve these aspects of our lives.  In general, it was a great workshop.” Erick Alvarez

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